I wanted to send something to my friends in Gibraltar for their birthdays since I was not able to make it over. After last years gift shopping success, I had no idea what to get and making presents is all well and good but they have to be posted and few paper crafts I could think of would post well.
I realised I had some beautiful card left from my Hunky Dory set that I thought were too pretty to be used as cards to decided to make then into little note books. Which wonderfully just about matched the cards I had made for them.
I now they have all been received and hoped they were liked.


Birthday prep

R had her 5th birthday this week.

This year I promised we would do her a party (sadly lacking in the last 2 years since we moved here).

How to do  children’s party on a budget without making life too difficult for your self????

nope still can not answer that one

but I focused all my crafty energies on party makes last week and feel my efforts help make the party a success.

R asked for a superhero theme so

I cut out some masks (from templates) that the kids could decorate when the arrived


I cut up some old t-shirts and stitched on some velco to make capes (stunningly modelled by teddy here, really bad photo)


I cut up some cardboard boxes and drew squares for windows on some (lack of time to do all) for a little photo backdrop. Sadly the kids did not want to pose for me.


6 days before the party I decided to make a piñata. Got the girls to help me make it with paper mache over a balloon.


I put on as many layers as possible hoping to make it strong enough to hold the sweets but turns out I made it nearly indestructible. Mums had to take turns after it proved the kids were not getting anywhere. Ended up being ripped open from a small hole I had left at the top.

You never know how savage children can be until you tell them there are sweets in something they can not open.


I made party bags from neswpaper


and some little notebooks to put in (i refuse to spend money on pointless little toys the kids don’t want)


I also put in some little pencils, balloons and sweets of course

and finally…

The birthday cake


I didn’t make this but I think it is too awesome not to share

Upcycling some more with left overs


A couple of months ago I main a small cutlery holder for the girl’s bit using some cereal boxes as the base. well I came across the left over parts of the boxes used the other day and had another brain wave to put these bits to good use.


So I used various glues to reshape the boxes (had been folded flat)  and stack them together.

And I bet now your thinking OK she has done this before. It is going to be a paper stacker. But no, these boxes are too small for that anyway… maybe A5…


Anyway on to decorating

As a side point if anyone sees one of these gift wrap cutters anywhere let me know as I want another one, it is great for cutting pages out of magazines in a neat way


Isn’t it pretty, strange how something seem much pinker after you have made them… still wait for the last picture



Add some plastic tubs left over from fresh raviolli pasta in the Supermarket and look I’ve made a chest of drawers

Brilliant right?



OK I thought it was pretty awesome anyway



Card makes June 2014

Not the most productive card making month but I have been on holiday, that in my excuse and I am sticking to it.20140611_13575920140602_171852