Birthday prep

R had her 5th birthday this week.

This year I promised we would do her a party (sadly lacking in the last 2 years since we moved here).

How to do  children’s party on a budget without making life too difficult for your self????

nope still can not answer that one

but I focused all my crafty energies on party makes last week and feel my efforts help make the party a success.

R asked for a superhero theme so

I cut out some masks (from templates) that the kids could decorate when the arrived


I cut up some old t-shirts and stitched on some velco to make capes (stunningly modelled by teddy here, really bad photo)


I cut up some cardboard boxes and drew squares for windows on some (lack of time to do all) for a little photo backdrop. Sadly the kids did not want to pose for me.


6 days before the party I decided to make a piñata. Got the girls to help me make it with paper mache over a balloon.


I put on as many layers as possible hoping to make it strong enough to hold the sweets but turns out I made it nearly indestructible. Mums had to take turns after it proved the kids were not getting anywhere. Ended up being ripped open from a small hole I had left at the top.

You never know how savage children can be until you tell them there are sweets in something they can not open.


I made party bags from neswpaper


and some little notebooks to put in (i refuse to spend money on pointless little toys the kids don’t want)


I also put in some little pencils, balloons and sweets of course

and finally…

The birthday cake


I didn’t make this but I think it is too awesome not to share


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