Crochet bags

In about April / May, time while Pinterest scanning I finally came across a crochet pattern I could understand. Crochet pattern diagrams. Admittedly this pattern was for a baby booty but still I had to give it ago and see if I could actually read it or just thought I could. So I made the base section of the pattern satisfyingly easily and had to ask myself did I really want to do the next part and make baby booties. Well, the answer was no so what to do with the oval base? well make it into a bag of course.

Now it wouldn’t have been a fun project without adding another challenge for myself and in this case it was small handles. I am quite happy with the resulting bag.

20150526_151325 20150526_151440 20150526_151455

My girls had both claimed this bag for themselves while I was creating it but it was fininshed while visiting family, including their toddler cousin Y. R, my eldest was so determined to get a present for her cousin that she decided that this bag had to be given to her.

Since then I have created 3 more bags based on the same design. The 2nd was given away as a birthday gift and finally the girls got their own bags in August. (Will put up another post to show those 2 another day.)


Crochet hat #2

I am currently making an effort to finish off projects I have already started. Last week I finally finished a hat for my eldest that was requested while I was still working on the hat I made for my youngest back in Novemeber .

I let her pick the yarn from Red Apple Yarn our local lovely wool shop. I also asked what type of hat she wanted and the decision mainly involved her not wanting a hat like her sisters and it needed to have a bobble on the top.

Now I started crocheting this hat a couple of months ago after practising how to do a “magic loop” to start the round. Aiming to make a beanie style but as with my first hat I think I added too many stitches and and I very quickly got a very wobbly circle. Being stubborn I carried on adding layers, while slowly reducing the amount of stitches I was adding in the hope it would some how improve itself, somehow..

Anyway eventually I gave up on the beanie idea but instead of unpicking and starting again I decided to try and make it into a beret style. Amazingly  after several layers even stitching, slowly reducing and then drastically reducing it didn’t look too bad……….. Well that was until I put it on R head.

Sadly I didn’t consider taking any photos of this or the next attempt that look very quickly like a mini sombrero.

After more unpicking I decided that I liked the shape of little cone I had been created at the top half of the mini sombrero and decided maybe a pixie hat would been a good way forward. I created this by adding a stitch every half circle. I’m surprised that it still grew as fast as it did I was expecting the hat to be a bit taller by the time it was the right width for her head.

I added a few extra layers with no added stitches so it held snug to her head and could be folded up (as I had purposely made it to be slightly too big)

Next to add the all important bobble which meant I had to remind myself how to make pompoms I used the template from Homemade gifts made easy because it is much easier and quicker than the traditional method.

Then since I had recently failed to resist the lure of a craft magazine that happened to have a flower loom as it’s free gift it was decided that the hat needed 2! flowers as well.

Anyway the photos of the finished product. Ready just in time for the extended spring heat wave.


wpid-20150411_172659.jpg wpid-20150411_172705.jpg wpid-20150411_172230.jpg


Your not imagining things that flowers are moving about as we were still deciding on where they should be and I was taking photos while I had the chance given the current weather I may not get the opportunity of quite a while.

And finally a lovely photo of my girls hiding in their hats. Maybe they will fit properly by next year.







Crochet – hat and scarf for E

The last (well first) scarf I made I had originally intended to be for my youngest munchkin but had turned out to be far too wide. So this I found a pretty new yarn, that just happens to be washing machine and tumble dryer safe and set to work. After completing this much smaller scarf I decided to follow on from the success of dollies hat and thought “how much harder can a full size hat be?”


E loving her new “lovy hat”


Scarf and hat (with the current flower) beautifully modelled by teddy here.


They have turned out quite nicely but I do think I need to figure out how to start following patterns for any future makes. Much as I like the wavy edge design it was not exactly planned that way.

The hat has turned out much taller than I had expected but seems to be about the right size for her. Have made a little flower to fill it in a bit, but again might make alternative flower following a tutorial at a later date.

Upcycled wool holders

I recently read a blog about reusing fruit nets for making new things.

The main idea that stayed in my mind was using these meshes as bags (especially for sandy and wet toys).

So a while back when I happened to have a such a bag, that had come with some toy the kids had.

So I used some spare ribbon.

Folded the top few layers of the mess bag in on itself and wove the ribbon through.

So now I have a little mess bag ready for use.

Well I didn’t use it for the kids toys as originally planned, as i found it just the right size to fit my wool while doing my crochet.

It stops the wool running away while I’m using it and stops the kids too (possibly just look less tempting)


2014-10-10 22.54.22

I have since made a few more with the mesh bags that oranges come in from the supermarkets (on the left in the picture).

A little bit fiddly but effective.

Now the kids what me to make some for them too!

Crochet experiments part 1

A few weeks back I  showed off my first attempts at crochet.

I have continued to enjoy this new little hobby and started to experiment a bit before continuing my Utube tutorials

Below are some pictures of the results. Not too bad if I do say so myself (for someone who only figured out how to do crochet little over a month ago anyway).

2014-10-05 21.26.16

First I attempted to make a nappy for one of the many dollies my girls love. Mostly because I want to see if I could change the size of my rows and make buttons (yes most people would do the tutorials or ask first but I like to change myself).

It is a little rough around the edges and not quite the right shape around the back but it fits and I have a few more dollies to practice for.

The hat was again a bit of a trail so I can possibly make a full sized one of my real girls. Quite please how easy if was really, even surprised myself it was the right size for the dolly.

Below is a photo of the dolly in her new gear

2014-10-05 21.25.26

What do you think? let me know


Well as you may remember I finished my cross stitch a few weeks back and was in need of a “in front of the TV” project.

I could (and did) go out and buy a new cross stitch sampler but thought it might me time to try something new out that several friends have suggested. So I have taught myself how to crochet. OK, watched a bunch of online tutorials.

with a crochet hook I picked up at a charity shop and a ball of wool left at my house by my mum I duly sat in front of the computer and made multiple little lines of single crochet.

then I made a little square

2014-09-26 21.27.53

then I made a little ring to see if that was how they do it (before I get to the instructions for that bit) then experimented a little more to see if I could make it into a flower then did a bit more and started to look a little bit like a tiny doily.

2014-09-26 21.28.12

After that I decided before I continue I should probably practice doing the basic stitch a bit more before continuing with my lessons.

So I made a scarf

2014-09-26 21.27.14

Now I have started this little project with the intention of giving it to my littlest one but my ability to gadge width clearly failed me and this is much to wide for her. So someone shall be getting a lovely handmade scarf for Christmas.

I should probably at this point be going on to the next lessons and learning other stitches, but I have already started another crochet project because I wanted to experiment and see if I could. I shall keep you posted to success or failure soon.