Posting blip

Eekk! it has been over a month since I last posted. Oops

My crafting adventures have had to go on the back burner for a few weeks so I could catch up with myself  (and the house), post sewing course (which took up my main crafting day) and half term holiday. I didn’t manage to complete the project I had planned for my sewing course so I’m afraid you will have to wait a little longer for that to be revealed

I have done a few little things that I will share in the next few posts then hopefully back to normal  … but then again Easter holidays are coming.

Over the half term we had the wonderful pleasure of staying with friends which makes holidays with young children sooo much easier. One evening I remembered to get my pencils and paper out the room before putting the youngest to bed so had some sketching time.

Note to self: water pencils that need sharpening are not great for sketching with. Also apologies for the poor photo quality.

Who doesn’t like drawing flowers

blue flower Feb 2015 flowers Feb 2015Tulip Feb 2015

I used to love doodling humming birds


bird Feb 2015

Please someone tell me they can see what the below is. I am honestly useless at drawing from real life but having done several sketched from my head I thought , hey why not try. My subject was not the easiest or still and although I can see it I’m not convinced anyone else will.

hebe fluff Feb 2015

Right that was enough of complicated real life, lets do a simple star.

Then a scribble sketch that turned into a dragon.







Just sketching

When I set up this blog the whole idea was to keep a record of my paintings. Yet, ever since I have been actively updating my blog I haven’t done any painting (of my own, painting with the kids doesn’t count).

When I realised this I had a bit of a  mourning period because I loved to paint. I loved my art. Not that it was anything spectacular, but with kids and every other type of craft I have been putting my hand to, I haven’t made time for it. I will have to work on that! The cards idea was only meant to be a ” to do while the paint was drying” activity and well things have spiralled out of control.

But for now, I made my self sit down the other night and just draw, which I just haven’t done.

Nothing special but here is the produce of that evening.

20150130_230038 20150130_230048