Fun with the kids Jan 2015

Little late this week

My kids love colouring, painting, cutting and sticking. Glad to see my craftiness is rubbing off on them.

My main challenge is channelling this creative energy into tangible projects. (School and nursery don’t seem to have this problem.)

But for 2 shiny weekends this January we succeeded in working together to make some lovely projects I’m very proud of my kids for working on.

The Birds

R had a made a squirrel (with a hand print tail) in school last year and really wanted to make another one. I amazingly found a pot of greeny blue gluey paint that needed using up (left over from the Frozen castle). It was decided that a blue squirrel was probably a bit odd so I suggested making some birds instead.

On day one, we painted the cardboard tubes (a big one for E and a little one of R, because that is what they wanted). Then we made some hand prints (5 for E and 3 for R, again because that is what they wanted).

On day two, construction! we cut around the hand prints then stuck them too the cardboard tubes to make wings and tails. We cut out little triangles for beaks and added some googly eyes. Then E spotted some orange cellophane wrapping that had come from a pudding and decided that she wanted to use strips of it to make hair or top feathers.



The Boxes

The next weekend the girls once again wanted to do some painting and I convinced them it was time to decorated some lovely mini orange crates that we get from co-op. (The girls love these for carrying round random bit in.)

On day one, we used yet more greeny blue gluey paint which had surprisingly not yet been used up to paint the top and sides of the boxes.

On day two, I let them loose with stickers and glitter glue to personalise.









I am very please with my girlie’s work and thought it worth showing off. Hope you enjoyed too.



Super hero day

R class is doing a super hero theme for the term so of course they have to have a super hero day.

I’m not going to go out and buy a costume just for a day event but I will adapt previously made items to make up a super hero outfit.

R had had a super hero themed birthday party (as requested) earlier this year and I had made a few super hero items including capes and masks (see previous post). So asked R to pick a cape and a super hero logo (had given her the option to make her own up but she chose the “S” from Superman). We then when through my fabric stash and she picked out the colours she wanted the logo in.

First to make a template. Since she had chosen a pre-existing shape I simply looked it up. I used the ones found here:

I used a graphics programme to copy out the superman logo on to its own page then enlarged one for the back of the cape and shrank one for a belt buckle. (both printed on the same A4 sheet)

I ironed on some wonder web to my fabric pieces then drew and cut out my templates. Cut the insides first, as these were the most likely to go wrong, then used may snazzy new rotary cutter to do the edges in a snap.


I ironed the cape logo directly on to the cape but the buckle logo I ironed on to another piece of fabric.


I put a line of purple stitching just inside the edge of the purple to make sure everything stayed attached.

For the belt buckle I cut a piece card to (roughly) the right shape, then wrapped the fabric around and stuck it down with glue. I had planned to attach it over other belt I had that fitted her but it has been lost, possibly thrown. So I had to improvise. I had a length of the purple fabric that was just too short to get around her waist which i sewed into a strap with a few pieces of elestic at the back filling the gap and giving enough so it could just be pulled over her waist.


She seems very pleased with it


Advent calenders, match box tower

As I do I came across another wonderful “I can do that” project on Pinterest not too long ago.

Advent calenders made out of matchboxes. Admittingly I have seen a few different styles of these but none of them have particularly taken my interest until this one. So I went to my local nic nac shop and picked up some craft matchboxes (pack of empty blank matchboxes designed for silly crafters like me.

I dutifully didn’t bother looking at the instructions and stuck them all together. (Although I did first check they were not wonky and all opened and closed properly)


2014-10-06 12.57.06

I appear to have lost my in the process photo’s 😦

Got another on to finish will update once I have

Crafty group

Ever on the search for a crafty group I can drop in and out of (because of having to time table kids and husband) I have finally made it along to a “sew night” at my local wool shop. They also have a knit night that I am allowed to pop along to, even though I do crochet not knitting 😉
Coming completely unprepared I was allowed to borrow everything I needed and we made these cute little pan handle holder mice (looks a bit more like a fox to me) and pumpkin.

2014-10-24 15.06.41

I haven’t decided weather I want to “complete” the pumpkin by adding the scary face that is just about visible in the photo.

I think I might just leave them off.

Crochet experiments part 1

A few weeks back I  showed off my first attempts at crochet.

I have continued to enjoy this new little hobby and started to experiment a bit before continuing my Utube tutorials

Below are some pictures of the results. Not too bad if I do say so myself (for someone who only figured out how to do crochet little over a month ago anyway).

2014-10-05 21.26.16

First I attempted to make a nappy for one of the many dollies my girls love. Mostly because I want to see if I could change the size of my rows and make buttons (yes most people would do the tutorials or ask first but I like to change myself).

It is a little rough around the edges and not quite the right shape around the back but it fits and I have a few more dollies to practice for.

The hat was again a bit of a trail so I can possibly make a full sized one of my real girls. Quite please how easy if was really, even surprised myself it was the right size for the dolly.

Below is a photo of the dolly in her new gear

2014-10-05 21.25.26

What do you think? let me know

Autumn crafts with the girls

I know I set up this blog as a place for me to record my makes but I think my girls makes are going to start to creep in because they love making things too and I am proud of them and the thing we do together.

In this lovely sunny Autumn we are been having it is heart breaking to not go outside while we have the chance so when the girls refused to leave the house on day but wanted to craft with a large piece of cardboard they had found. So I agreed to do a project that I had planned in the back of my head but we have to do it in the garden.

First I used my craft knife to make a bare ( and very basic) tree shape from the cardboard.

Next I got a pot of glue and the box of all the leaves, pine cones, twigs, conkers and so on that the girls had collected so far.

While I was cutting out the tree shape the girls decided to make some of their own leaves out of some the the scraps in their craft area.

2014-09-21 14.41.27

Leaves (natural and hand made), twigs and conkers all got stuck to the branches and for the bottom we crushed some of the greener leaves to make a grassy effect.

2014-09-21 15.16.51

we also glittered some pine cones

2014-10-07 17.27.48

After this there was much other glueing, painting and eventually foot prints that resulted in quick baths.

A good but messy afternoon

labour of love

In November 2012 not long after my second munchkin arrived I started a small cross stitch as some things to keep my hands occupied while she was feeding and the inevitable snooze that followed.
I finally finished this little project after intermittently working on it for nearly 2 years!

and here it is…

20140807_232451 20140807_232511


I wanted to send something to my friends in Gibraltar for their birthdays since I was not able to make it over. After last years gift shopping success, I had no idea what to get and making presents is all well and good but they have to be posted and few paper crafts I could think of would post well.
I realised I had some beautiful card left from my Hunky Dory set that I thought were too pretty to be used as cards to decided to make then into little note books. Which wonderfully just about matched the cards I had made for them.
I now they have all been received and hoped they were liked.

Upcycling some more with left overs


A couple of months ago I main a small cutlery holder for the girl’s bit using some cereal boxes as the base. well I came across the left over parts of the boxes used the other day and had another brain wave to put these bits to good use.


So I used various glues to reshape the boxes (had been folded flat)  and stack them together.

And I bet now your thinking OK she has done this before. It is going to be a paper stacker. But no, these boxes are too small for that anyway… maybe A5…


Anyway on to decorating

As a side point if anyone sees one of these gift wrap cutters anywhere let me know as I want another one, it is great for cutting pages out of magazines in a neat way


Isn’t it pretty, strange how something seem much pinker after you have made them… still wait for the last picture



Add some plastic tubs left over from fresh raviolli pasta in the Supermarket and look I’ve made a chest of drawers

Brilliant right?



OK I thought it was pretty awesome anyway



Toilet roll cross

Once again I found an awesome idea on pinterest.

I’m not sure how many have yet discovered the amazing things people do with all those toilet roll tubes that get left hanging around but I found one project  I couldn’t resist.

DIY room Decoration: Cross Wall Art (using toilet rolls!)

What do you think for a first attempt?



Colouring the strips of tubes is definitely the tricky bit and I think on the next project I try I will spend a little more time on that.