In my never ending quest to attempt to better ourselves and limit are impact of the environment it is nearly always better to find reusable options. In this case kitchen roll.

As with most project these days, the first came across the idea on Pinterest. Find an example here

Seems simple enough.

The ones made in the link are made with ‘birds-eye cotton’ which is suppose to be very absorbent but I couldn’t’ find any locally so when I saw some microfibre tea towels (for less than £1.50) I figure they would probably do just as well.

So I had my first proper craft day to my self in a while and got to work on these (I’m not avoiding all the other projects I’m part way through or waiting for me).

First I worked out how big the towels would be when cut into quarters then cut the towels and some cotton fabric I have in the stash to the same size.

Note to self: Microfibre cloth sheds/frays something rotten at raw edges (got bits everywhere)

I sewed them together pattern side in (leaving a gap) then inverted it so the pattern was on the outside.

I then turned it inside out again to trim the seam and corners (only with the first one as I remembered to do this before turning the right way round with the rest)



Once turned the right way out I use the machine to sew another seam to close the gap and hold the edges together neatly.


I made 8 in all at the moment, out of 2 tea towels. I need to wash them before we use them to get rid of the excess fluff that came off the raw edges of the microfibre cloth.

Many of the tutorials for these include tabs to hold them together in the same way as a kitchen roll or in the link I have included she has made button holes to hang them on a hook. Me, I’m just going to put them in a little plastic basket I have, it seems so much simpler.



Sewing course – Little lessons

A selection of little bits and bobs I have created while on my current sewing course.




Doodle stitching (there might be a more technical term but I don’t know it at this moment)


Playing with Free motion


Currently working on my main project for the course and will hopefully update with success or failure in the next few weeks.

Sewing practice

This week I have been mostly mending, which in fairness uses pretty much the same skills as some of my crafting but never the less is much less glamorous.

My sewing course has started again so my main crafting time is in use, so will probably get a few smaller projects for the next few weeks.

I had a bonus free evening this week so decided to make a little project to practice the skills I had been taught on my course this week. Being, French seems, corners, reinforced corners and curves.
I thought I would make a little pocket bag just to practice (as I dislike doing things without an end purpose).

Used some fabric quarters I had picked up for the charity shops. Picked this one as it had a nice rounded pattern that made a decent curved shape for the flap. On actually getting round to cutting it I realised it was not a very even curve so used a plate as my template.


Quite pleased but clearly need much more practice…and maybe a proper pattern next time.

Bottle holders

My littlest E loves her water bottle. When ever we are out and about after having a drink it is a great challenge to get her to give it back so we can carry it for her.  Little slips mean the bottle has quite a few accidents and thus a shorter life.

In September, I think, I came across a pattern for a water bottle carrier in one of my magazines and thought that may well solve this problem.

I have come across multiple patterns since, here is 1 I have linked to on Pinterest.

I looked at the instructions then promptly ignored them as I got going. I used some wading I had left over for my tablet cover as the central layer. I also didn’t have a long enough price of fabric to make the strap so instead made 2 straps that attach with buttons so it is adjustable. Bonus!

I had to wait to make the button holes until I learnt how to use the button hole attachment on my machine but fortunately had signed up to a sewing course so finished my first bottle holder (the blue spotty one) after my second lesson.

The second bottle holder (red) was made as my course project. Also made my eldest happy to have her own bottle holder.


2014-11-12 14.09.082014-11-12 14.08.322014-12-06 16.39.12


Hooded towel

Simple and amazing gift ideas are always sought for, so when I came across this link for a hooded towel I could not wait to give it a go.

Sadly took me a few months to get round to sourcing the towels and needled needed (didn’t help that I had lost  the needles the first opportunity I had time to start the project).

Finally done

2014-10-25 09.56.45

Also made some some wash mitts with the bit of towel left over.

I hope it is enjoyed by the little girl who has receive it. Chances are, if you have a little one I buy things for I shall be making them one as well over the next year.

labour of love

In November 2012 not long after my second munchkin arrived I started a small cross stitch as some things to keep my hands occupied while she was feeding and the inevitable snooze that followed.
I finally finished this little project after intermittently working on it for nearly 2 years!

and here it is…

20140807_232451 20140807_232511