Easter prayer flowers

Every so often I’m not the only one in the house that comes up with the crazy crafty plans. J was planning services and a few weeks ago was telling me about a plan to cut out some heart shapes for writing prayer on during one service, so that they could then be made into flowers to add to the cross in the church on Easter day. I foolishly asked the question “and who is going to make these heart prayers into flowers?” Nothing wrong in asking (even if I did have suspicions) but at that point he had not thought that far ahead and it was at that point it thought oohh your good at crafty things like that…..

So, after having cut out about 60 hearts a few weeks earlier, on the Saturday evening before Easter day I was doing some cutting and sticking to complete my man’s crafty plans.



These first ones were made by folding all the hearts in half and sticking them to a cardboard circle with a shortened section of egg box painted yellow in the centre.



These were a bit more fiddly but sadly this photo doesn’t really show them very well. To make these I first folded the hearts in half and rounded the bottoms. Then I stuck them directly to the egg box cut out. Once I had stuck on about 3 layers of hearts (and the glue was dry enough,) I gently bent the petals outward to make the bloom.

I then punctured a hole through the centre of each flower big enough of garden wire to make a stem of sorts so they could be attached.

And below the flowers in situ the our churches Easter cross.

2015-04-05 12.20.47