Crochet bags

In about April / May, time while Pinterest scanning I finally came across a crochet pattern I could understand. Crochet pattern diagrams. Admittedly this pattern was for a baby booty but still I had to give it ago and see if I could actually read it or just thought I could. So I made the base section of the pattern satisfyingly easily and had to ask myself did I really want to do the next part and make baby booties. Well, the answer was no so what to do with the oval base? well make it into a bag of course.

Now it wouldn’t have been a fun project without adding another challenge for myself and in this case it was small handles. I am quite happy with the resulting bag.

20150526_151325 20150526_151440 20150526_151455

My girls had both claimed this bag for themselves while I was creating it but it was fininshed while visiting family, including their toddler cousin Y. R, my eldest was so determined to get a present for her cousin that she decided that this bag had to be given to her.

Since then I have created 3 more bags based on the same design. The 2nd was given away as a birthday gift and finally the girls got their own bags in August. (Will put up another post to show those 2 another day.)


Getting back at it

Well seems like I have taken a bit of a break from the blogging just recently. Lots of reasons mostly due to using my extra energies and free time to try and set up a festival. Unfortunately due to numerous reasons we have had to cancel it last month.

Oh well Festival would have be this Saturday ……..but ……….. means I have my time back for my creating.

I have still been crafting and creating a little over the last few months, so I have a few projects to share over the next few weeks (once I find the photos). In the meanwhile I will work to shift the back log of projects I had ready and waiting for gifts to make that are now well over due now. (perhaps just make Christmas pressies now)