New card design using a Hougie board I received my latest mag subscription. just a tester to see what it was like to use quite happy with it. Expect more foldy cards in the future!


Some paintings

Some Photos taken of painting done over the last 4 years. Have apparently few stored on my computer will try and get more up here in the future…

No idea how to rotate images on here at the moment another task for another day. Until then please tilt head 90 degrees clockwise for a water colour of an unknown beach at sunset based on a photo I had on a card. I am happy with the sky but very disappointed with the reefs

Water colour flowers. Based on one of my photos. Still need some work doing to give it some depth

Wise men at the stable door (a tester)

Mary (Used by Living Hope for their Christmas cards and 2012 calender)

Glory shone around (used by Living Hope for their Christmas cards)

All the Christmas images are also water colour, my medium of choice at the moment.

Cards a selection

Here is a quick selection of some cars I have made already. On the most part there have already been given to people but if you end up receiving a card you have already seen I apologise.
Some simple birthday cards made using coloured cards and stickers

These sets of Christmas cards have all been made using images and text from old Christmas cardsĀ  I have collected

A variety of styles used to create this years mothers day cards. I think I may need to work on my stamping technics


OK so not been very good at the whole keeping theblog updated thing but got vonfirmed this week that some of my paintings are being used as Christmas card designs for the Charity Living Hope Project
Quite chuffed about that but as I am too critical off my own work I wished I had been able to give them better quality paintings as it is they were only ever meant to be testers. With moving and madness never managed to produce the full sized versions I had planned. Still they must have like them as one of them has been used for the December in the calender too.

Will hopefully get my self sorted and get posting more soon. Hopefully! As it is I am pinching James’ Comp as my room has been cluttered a bit to much and can not really get up there until someone comes to pick up the furinture we are getting rid of.