a small reminder that layering in card making makes a big difference

I left this card out of my October card make update as I wanted to wait until it had been received. There are many birthdays but not so many friends waiting to have a baby imminently.

Since it was a special card I spent I little longer thinking about set up. Although it was a pre printed kit I thought it needed a little something extra. So I decided to add some extra layers. I always find picking the right colour the most difficult part but I finally picked a blue to match the butterflies in the backing paper.

2014-10-09 22.44.28

The card placed together with out layers   

2014-10-09 22.43.45

The card placed together with the extra layers

I hope you agree with my that with the extra layers the card looks much better.

2014-10-09 23.05.34

The finished card

Congratulation Joy and Jeremy I can’t wait to meet him!


Hooded towel

Simple and amazing gift ideas are always sought for, so when I came across this link for a hooded towel I could not wait to give it a go.


Sadly took me a few months to get round to sourcing the towels and needled needed (didn’t help that I had lost  the needles the first opportunity I had time to start the project).

Finally done

2014-10-25 09.56.45

Also made some some wash mitts with the bit of towel left over.

I hope it is enjoyed by the little girl who has receive it. Chances are, if you have a little one I buy things for I shall be making them one as well over the next year.

Advent calenders, match box tower

As I do I came across another wonderful “I can do that” project on Pinterest not too long ago.


Advent calenders made out of matchboxes. Admittingly I have seen a few different styles of these but none of them have particularly taken my interest until this one. So I went to my local nic nac shop and picked up some craft matchboxes (pack of empty blank matchboxes designed for silly crafters like me.

I dutifully didn’t bother looking at the instructions and stuck them all together. (Although I did first check they were not wonky and all opened and closed properly)


2014-10-06 12.57.06

I appear to have lost my in the process photo’s 😦

Got another on to finish will update once I have

Crochet – hat and scarf for E

The last (well first) scarf I made I had originally intended to be for my youngest munchkin but had turned out to be far too wide. So this I found a pretty new yarn, that just happens to be washing machine and tumble dryer safe and set to work. After completing this much smaller scarf I decided to follow on from the success of dollies hat and thought “how much harder can a full size hat be?”


E loving her new “lovy hat”


Scarf and hat (with the current flower) beautifully modelled by teddy here.


They have turned out quite nicely but I do think I need to figure out how to start following patterns for any future makes. Much as I like the wavy edge design it was not exactly planned that way.

The hat has turned out much taller than I had expected but seems to be about the right size for her. Have made a little flower to fill it in a bit, but again might make alternative flower following a tutorial at a later date.