All jobs done eventually

When my littlest moved out of our bedroom and into what was the guest bedroom, I told myself and my eldest that we would decorate it for her. I had this wonderful idea (probably originating from Pinterest browsing) to make a feature or paper butterflies across one wall. I just had to cut some out and stick them on… not a big job.

So anyway nearly 2 years later I offered to put my die cutting machine to good use and cut out 100 or so circles to save someone else having to do it by hand. As it happens the Bigz die I was using for this job was also the die with the butterflies I was planning on using for E’s bedroom wall. So having made a selection of the paper I prepared for cutting big enough to cover both areas of the of this dies I finnally had my butterflies. I just had to get round to actually sticking them on the wall. This, thankfully, only took a further 3 weeks (because I wanted to do it while E was out of house).

20150323_174553 20150323_174605

Some of you with keen eyes may also spot some small (glow in the dark) stars peppered in there. These were also waiting for me to put them up (after buying them during half term, so not so long ago) so I thought it would be nice to incorporate some of them into the feature.

I’m quite please with the final result and most importantly she likes them.