Making skirts

Hannah, the lovely lady who running my sewing course, ran a one off session a few Saturdays ago on how to make a simple skirt of the kids.

I had brought along an old dress that I had used while I was pregnant to make the skirt but upon closer inspection it was decided it would be wiser to start using a normal cotton fabric, so used some of the lovely purple fabric Hannah had brought along.


Skirt 1: Using some of Hannah’s fabric stash.

After successfully making skirt one there was time to make another one, so I thought i would use the dress I had brought with me.


Skirt 2: Before

I thought it was not a stretchy fabric and hadn’t realised it was cut on a bias. These 2 factors made sewing the second skirt rather more interesting as it stretched as I ironed it and then even more as I was sewing the top. Still once the elastic was in it seems to have turned out rather nicely. This one is also longer than the first skirt… I had actually planned it that way.


Skirt 2: After

Upon bringing them home R (whom they were both made for) decided to wear both, one on top of the other, for the rest of the day. If that isn’t appreciation I’m not sure what is.



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