Bottle holders

My littlest E loves her water bottle. When ever we are out and about after having a drink it is a great challenge to get her to give it back so we can carry it for her.  Little slips mean the bottle has quite a few accidents and thus a shorter life.

In September, I think, I came across a pattern for a water bottle carrier in one of my magazines and thought that may well solve this problem.

I have come across multiple patterns since, here is 1 I have linked to on Pinterest.

I looked at the instructions then promptly ignored them as I got going. I used some wading I had left over for my tablet cover as the central layer. I also didn’t have a long enough price of fabric to make the strap so instead made 2 straps that attach with buttons so it is adjustable. Bonus!

I had to wait to make the button holes until I learnt how to use the button hole attachment on my machine but fortunately had signed up to a sewing course so finished my first bottle holder (the blue spotty one) after my second lesson.

The second bottle holder (red) was made as my course project. Also made my eldest happy to have her own bottle holder.


2014-11-12 14.09.082014-11-12 14.08.322014-12-06 16.39.12



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