Autumn crafts with the girls

I know I set up this blog as a place for me to record my makes but I think my girls makes are going to start to creep in because they love making things too and I am proud of them and the thing we do together.

In this lovely sunny Autumn we are been having it is heart breaking to not go outside while we have the chance so when the girls refused to leave the house on day but wanted to craft with a large piece of cardboard they had found. So I agreed to do a project that I had planned in the back of my head but we have to do it in the garden.

First I used my craft knife to make a bare ( and very basic) tree shape from the cardboard.

Next I got a pot of glue and the box of all the leaves, pine cones, twigs, conkers and so on that the girls had collected so far.

While I was cutting out the tree shape the girls decided to make some of their own leaves out of some the the scraps in their craft area.

2014-09-21 14.41.27

Leaves (natural and hand made), twigs and conkers all got stuck to the branches and for the bottom we crushed some of the greener leaves to make a grassy effect.

2014-09-21 15.16.51

we also glittered some pine cones

2014-10-07 17.27.48

After this there was much other glueing, painting and eventually foot prints that resulted in quick baths.

A good but messy afternoon


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