Well as you may remember I finished my cross stitch a few weeks back and was in need of a “in front of the TV” project.

I could (and did) go out and buy a new cross stitch sampler but thought it might me time to try something new out that several friends have suggested. So I have taught myself how to crochet. OK, watched a bunch of online tutorials.

with a crochet hook I picked up at a charity shop and a ball of wool left at my house by my mum I duly sat in front of the computer and made multiple little lines of single crochet.

then I made a little square

2014-09-26 21.27.53

then I made a little ring to see if that was how they do it (before I get to the instructions for that bit) then experimented a little more to see if I could make it into a flower then did a bit more and started to look a little bit like a tiny doily.

2014-09-26 21.28.12

After that I decided before I continue I should probably practice doing the basic stitch a bit more before continuing with my lessons.

So I made a scarf

2014-09-26 21.27.14

Now I have started this little project with the intention of giving it to my littlest one but my ability to gadge width clearly failed me and this is much to wide for her. So someone shall be getting a lovely handmade scarf for Christmas.

I should probably at this point be going on to the next lessons and learning other stitches, but I have already started another crochet project because I wanted to experiment and see if I could. I shall keep you posted to success or failure soon.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nataliec1603
    Sep 26, 2014 @ 23:20:16

    That is a very good effort for your first try!


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