I made a case for my tablet

So nearly a year ago my wonderful husband bought me a tablet computer for my birthday.

No big brand ipad or samsung (in fact I don’t know anyone who has heard of it) but it works a treat. It has much bigger screen than my phone so can browse the web easier and means I can do some things downstairs without having to come up to the attic to use the main computer. Another use is to entertain (and educate) the girls.


this particular tablet has one problem (especially when it come to letting the girls use it).

It has a task bar at the bottom of the screen. The bottom strip of the touch screen is where all the button ( back;  home; settings; see notifications) are found. As you can imagine this made it slightly problematic for the kids when they were using it as they nearly always brushed this bar with part of their hands. this would cause programs to close suddenly, notification lists to pop up, other programs to open as they just press one of the notifications without thinking as so on.

Well I had to find a way to stop this happening. I had a little success with folding paper over the bottom of the tablet but that usually lasted about 5 minutes before a girl would remove it. There is no case on the market that seems to resolve this problem.

So the only option left to me is to make my own custom designed case.

As I do, I researched through the realms of Pinterest and found a bunch of make your own case tutorials. (check out my “Links used for completed projects” board)

Again none of these really covered what i wanted so after about a year of faffing around the whole idea and having all the materials getting in the way I decided to just get on with it.

Apologises I didn’t think to take any in progress photos.

For a rough “how I did it” see instructions below.

Nothing worth selling or giving as a gift but I’m pretty impressed with myself having followed no real pattern and this being only the third? time I’ve used the sewing machine. I think it has turned out pretty well.


The finished product!



View from the front with the tablet in. Also showing the protective panel and the task bar it will be protecting from the girls (see how useful the camera hole I made is)


View from the back with the tablet in Showing of my lovely symmetrical pattern and speaker holes…gaps


In Use Success

I drew around the tablet with tailors chalk added a few centimetres and cut out 3 pieces of fabric (2 pretty and 1 plain for the inside) and some wadding all the the same size.

The closest think to measuring was making the aperture for the screen. I used a ruler to measure from the edge of the table to the edge of the active screen and used the ruler to mark where the aperture should be on the back of the fabric.

cut the aperture out leaving thin flaps to fold back to hem the edges so that the fabric doesn’t start to fray.

I pretty much just did this all by eye and checked it against the tablet as I was going along

after sewing the flaps down I worked out where the front camera would be and sewed a square around that area and cut out a hole (not very tidily)

then I attached some Velcro strips to the bottom edges (this is for attaching a cover strip to protect the task bar during the girls use)

The last step for this panel was to attach a flap to hold the tablet in at the end.


For the back panel I sandwiched the wadding between the blue fabric and the plain. I used the machine to draw a rectangle roughly smaller than the tablet then made a roughly symmetrical pattern just to hold it all in place.

I worked out where the speakers would be and again sewed a rectangle around that spot and (badly) cut out holes for them.


Had a faff and a fuss to make sure I lined up the front and the back to the camera and speaker holes I had painstakingly put into place would be in the right place on both sides of the finished product. Then I sewed around the original lines I had drawn.



do people really want all the details??


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