Paper stacks

A couple of months ago I was sitting down with R doings some painting and thinking, we could really do with a paper stack to put all your work on to dry (save covering the kitchen with paper)

So while R was working hard painting the box we get our juice cartons in it struck me that I could probably make a paper stack using these boxes.
And so I did!

I used one box whole (albeit with the glued bits pulled apart) and spit a second box into three parts along the folds



Next layered it up using a strong glue (being very descriptive I know)

20140219_12235720140219_122614 - Copy


Have to admit first attempt is not a pretty sight … but it does the job.



Realising it would be just the right size to store my card blanks. I made another one, this time using 2 and a half boxes so that all my shelves were the same size. I also used some extra cardboard to neaten and strengthen the sides.


Sadly the juice boxes are not quite A4 size so the papers have to go in length ways and stick out a little.

I found a blog entry that used old cereal boxes glued on top of each other  instead. (below)


It does look nicer (mainly because I decorated it with wall paper samples,) but using cereal boxes was much more of a faff to cut out and stick together and the final result was not very strong. I added extra outer support to this when constructing it by glueing cardboard to the top and sides as this one is in R bedroom and things will be (and have been) put on top of it.


As yet to make one of these for the kitchen where we do the painting, but I have a plan.

Time will tell and if it worked I shall post it up.


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