Children’s cutlery tray

I needed to create a miniature cutlery tray for the girls cutlery, as it was getting a bit confusing digging through the pile to find the bits required for each meal.
Copying the ideas of several blogs I decided to use cereal boxes as my base template instead of making the boxes from scratch. 
I started by placing the boxes I thought I was going to use in the drawer I wanted them for the make sure they would fit properly. Then folding them all flat I cut them so they would all be 4cm tall.
I used double sided sticky tape for this project to stick the box back into shape…
and stick the boxes together.
Next the lining. I have used some wall paper. There are many ways you can cut, fold paper for this but I decided to use a length long enough to fit and only just wide enough. Then used a scoreboard to score where I want the folds. 
Next I made lining to cover each end. 
Cut they paper to the size I needed. Used my score board to measure where I needed to fold and cut. Then cut slots to go around the boxes.
Placed double sided sticky tape in place as near to the edges as possible.
Now to the sticking!
Starting with the ends I started by sticking the side panels. Then the base flaps.
Stick down the outside and the side flaps.
Next I prepared the main lining panel, making sure there was a piece of tape on each section and as close add possible to each edge.
I stuck each panel one at a time.
I also created am extra compartment. I was going to attach it but considered that that would complicate matters more than necessary. Since it was a single compartment is was easier to use a single piece of wallpaper to line this box. 
For this box I stuck the bottom panel first and then the sides.

Complete and in place


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