New Year, new computer, lets go

My lovely new computer is up and running beautifully. Had a little set back as my printer has decided to go on the fritz after printing ONE PAGE! New printer on order but have realized this afternoon that does not stop me from writing here especially when i even have projects to post up.

First up card makes (apologies if there are repeats from previous posts)

I have been taking advantage of coordinated papers that I have gained as for the time this has help me speed up the creating process as I don’t take as long deciding on my basic colour scheme. Still I am pretty happy with how these have turned out especially the new baby card. I will have to keep ahead of myself as so many cards never got made still. Apologies the intention was there
Christmas Crafts
Last year I purchased a nativity scene cookie cutter set with the idea of creating nice home made gifts. this year I actually went about making said ginger bread cookies with R (my eldest). creating took up a little more time than expected so only managed to make and send one completed cookie scene this year. (Had infact made 2 but did the first as a dummy run to figure out reciepie and test how much involvement R was going to want to have.
I feel it came out rather nicely in the end, especially once put together.

R helping me icing the trail run. Red was clearly a bit stronger possibly on the toxic levels 
Our first batch you can probably see we have also made some not nativity shapes too to help use up the extra cookie dough

Central figures

Hidden inside are also a donkey and a cow that I decided not to try and stand independently as a lot of leaning is involved for the other figures. may try and different icing mixture next year. 
And finally since J’s barber offered him a bag of holly I thought I had best put it to good use and made some wreaths for the neighbors

Have to admit Ii thought they came out pretty well. (Helps to have holly that is not too spiky)

Well that is all I can find photographic evidence of for now. I know there is at least one more card somewhere. Hopefully shall locate it before my next up date.

I hope you have enjoyed. Here to a crafting new year and some more frequent and informative blogging to come.



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