Well I did well didn’t I? over a year later and I have little so show for it. Yes I have had a baby in the mean time but still frustrating. In the last few months I have been gtting up to my studio more often. Little E is now walking and pretty independant and R is getting used to what she can do up there with out asking me to help her every 2 seconds,
I also have to admit I broke my self imposed crafty stuff ban and brought a few things that looks great so that has inspired me to get crafting more. if nothing else to alleviate my concious that I have not wasted my money on things I would not.use. I have even made a few cards. No photos at the moment will post after the cards have been seen by the recipients just incase they are watching. As yet none of the cards has been received on time but at least I am making again.
Trying to do better. new computer on the way soon hopefully so should be able to post up picture more often and easier when it comes.
Here’s hoping!

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